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Disfruta [Dis’fru’ta]
(Spanish verb)
Meaning: Enjoy; take pleasure; wallow in; find enjoyment; get a kick out of


Disfruta Sports Tours is a specialist sports travel business established in 2014 by seasoned travellers and sports travellers.

The main focus of the business is to provide a comfortable and affordable gateway for South African endurance athletes to enjoy the major endurance sporting events in Europe while enjoying a sport influenced travel itinerary.

We are official travel partners to Paris Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Barcelona Marathon, Rome Marathon, L’Etape du Tour Beachcomber Events Mauritius


Our aim is not only to provide reasonably priced sports holiday packages for the South African market, but also make them fun, memorable and remarkable. Most of the destinations will be in locations we are familiar with or events we are familiar with so the assigned tour guide will have sufficient local knowledge.

During extended tours an exciting itinerary is followed which includes sightseeing, activities and a taste of the local culture. Plenty of leisure time is also available as tour activities only take up two – four hours of the day.